Thursday, April 7, 2016

Cover Reveal: The Love Stops Here by Stephanie Elizabeth

Are you as excited as I am over this!? Liz Reinhardt and Steph Campbell are releasing a book TOGETHER AGAIN and I am overwhelmed -- especially after seeing this incredibly minimalistic and chic cover! I can't wait to read Andy and Tibby's story! 

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Book release date: 04/26/2016


Their lives have played out in the public eye.

Their fame and fortune are a product of it.
Fashion blogger Tibby Lange found a way to turn small town dreams into big city reality by building a social media empire around her impeccable style and fierce attitude.

Andy Bennett upgraded his survival and stunt videos from an amusing hobby to a career that has more than paid his bills--it’s made it possible for the kid who grew up fighting five brothers for every inch of space and morsel of food to retire well before he’s thirty.

They can’t imagine day-to-day life without it.
Andy and Tibby both panic when they arrive at a California camp tailor-made for instafamous celebrities like themselves and are told to put all electronics in a lockbox for the duration. But once they surrender to the idea of a Wi-Fi free zone, they begin bonding with people whose lives have gone from routine to anything but normal--people who understand the stress of living up to the constant demands of millions of followers.
What they don’t expect is to fall hard and fast for each other IRL.

They were betrayed by it.
When one of the campers breaks the zero technology rule and shares video of Andy and Tibby together, they are forced to go public before they’re ready.

Their love was grown in it.
Everything is faster, bigger, and better when it’s being broadcast to millions of phones. Their entire love story quickly becomes public domain.

Their doubts were caused by it.
The constant scrutiny of millions of eyes on them...the endless comments and messages...the fans demanding updates they aren’t sure they’re ready to make--it all proves too much for Andy and Tibby to handle as a new couple.

They risk it all for it.
When it feels like the only choice is to step away from the public eye in order to salvage any sense of normalcy and give their relationship a fair shot, neither Tibby nor Andy is sure they’re willing to trade the appeal of photo finish fame for all the ups and downs that come with real life.

The heartbreak is intertwined in it.
Falling in love in the public eye is one thing.
Learning to live without that love in front of the world is another.

What’s online is forever.
Can the break-up that broke the internet lead to offline love that doesn’t depend on likes?

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