Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bunch of Book Reviews: March 2017

I have been slacking on review writing (mainly because I keep jumping into a new book the second I finish one). This is a terrible habit to have but one I can't seem to break. Oh well. Below are a few mini reviews for some of the books I've read in the past two weeks! Enjoy and one-click your heart out!

A Thousand Letters by Staci Hart - 5 Cups of Coffee

"Braveness isn't always loud. Sometimes it's silent. There's braveness in sacrifice and kindness. It's in doing a thing that needs to be done, even though it's hard, and even though it hurts."

Prepare to be wrecked. This book is incredibly poetic and poignant, yet soft at times when you most need it to be (because seriously, there is some heady stuff in this one!) Romance has never felt so heavy before; Staci Hart manages to weigh you down (in the best way possible) with this amazing second-chance love story.

You've got two characters who are merely existing in their lives and who are incredibly terrified of being in love again. They are two people who just can't stand the idea of being hurt a second time around. It's beautiful and it's sad and it's well-worth reading and crying over. Read this book.

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Nova by Rebecca Yarros - 4.5 Cups of Coffee

"It wasn't enough. Maybe it was wrong, but for just that moment, I wanted to peel myself open and show him the scars he'd left on my heart. I needed him to know."
Rebecca Yarros knows just how to gut ya and she's done it again with NOVA, a second-chance romance that is packed with twists, turns, sexual tension and suspense. Landon and Rachel haven't seen each other in years, not since they both managed to barely survive the end of their relationship. Now circumstances have put them both on the same path—they are both sailing the world on a study abroad program.

If you loved the first book in this series of standalones, you need to read Landon and Rachel's story, asap.

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Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas - 6 Cups of Coffee

"Good God, she really did walk in circles. A pang of tenderness centered in Gabriel's chest like an ache. He wanted all her circles to lead back to him."

I don't have many words for this book other than READ IT AND LOVE IT AND CHERISH IT because Lisa Kleypas is my historical romance queen. If she's written it, I will read it. Pretty sure that rule is somewhere in the handbook to life?

Gabriel and Pandora are soul-crushingly perfect. They are all that is good in this world. I am just never going to get over them or this series (the Wallflowers) and historical romance in general.

If you are looking to start this genre, Lisa is your GIRL. Do it. Start today.

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