Friday, July 14, 2017

#BookBaristasTravels: Paris in Hotel Monge

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my plethora of European trip photos (sorry, definitely not sorry!). My cousin and I traveled to five different cities in just 15 days and had the time of our lives. We fell in love with so many places, accents (obviously), foods, and definitely Hotel Monge, where we stayed in Paris.


Located in the Latin Quarter, Hotel Monge was everything we wanted and could possibly hope for in a hotel. Our balcony overlooked Rue Monge, easily my favorite street in Paris. Blending historic charm with modern chic accents, our room was perfect. The staff were extremely accommodating and didn't even bat an eye at my shameless photo taking of their lobby and living space.

My cousin, Lucia, and I had breakfast every morning in the lobby with the other guests, gorging ourselves on pain au chocolat and double espressos (as one does in Paris). Check out some of my favorite shots of the hotel below -- if you find yourself in Paris soon, I highly recommend staying at Hotel Monge!

Seriously, this VIEW. I can't imagine having a better experience in Paris without waking up to this view.

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